High School and Before

Mount Rainier

I grew up in Washington State in the shadow of Mount Rainier. I spent lots of time hiking and skiing in the Cascades. I loved the fact that I could drive 45 minutes and then hike up into the snow any day of the year. I especially liked carrying water melons to 10,000 ft in the summer. Above is a picture I snatched off the web to remind me what "real" mountains are like.

I went to High School at Charles Wright Academy. It was good. It was High School. I wish I had kept in better touch with my friends. I wish I had a single photo of Odessey of the Mind World Championships, or any OM photos period... Back in those days I actually considered myself good at soccer. Back when we had the best defense in the league and made Seattle Christian cry because we denied them goals for the first time in 4 years. :)