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Boston: Unicycling at MIT

I learned to unicycle at MIT, using borrowed hockey sticks and lurching along Mass Ave during IAP. I've come a long way, if you are currently intereseted in unicycling lessons, I give intro to unicycling lessons through the Cambridge Time Trade Circle.

At MIT we breifly had a club: Check out some pictures of the Random Unicyclists on the first ever Official Random Unicycling Day.


Pittsburgh is a great city for unicycling, at least there are a surprizing number of riders here. During the academic year a great place to meet other riders is through the PITT juggling club. We have organized trail rides in Frick Park on several occasions. Josh posted some photos of the First Annual Juggling Shindig. We are trying to organize other rides, so if you are interested and stumbled across this page, you should email me to learn more about mountain uni and unicycle hockey in Pittsburgh.

Mountain Unicycling

I started unicycling after seeing a video clip of Kris Holm mountain unicycling. He is incredible. I highly reccomend this 57 sec. trailer for his video, One Tired Guy. I also own the video and have watched it dozens of times.

In 2002 Josh and I mountain unicycled in 10 states. We had fun making postcards of the places we mountain unicycled.

World Unicycling Championships: UNICON11

The 2002 World Unicycling Championships (UNICON 11) was held in Snowqualmie, WA. I finally found some short video clips of UNICON11 expert freestyle competitions. VERY IMPRESSIVE!

Robot Girl (013.avi)
Spinny Girl (017.avi)


Check out the unicycle skill levels and follow the links for tips on learning new skills, or go directly to unicycle mounts. Or for laughs check out Rick Bissel's "New" IUF Skill Levels.

If you are looking to purchase something, check out Unicycle.com and Brauns.com. If you are purchasing a unicycle, get one with main-cap bearings, lollypops are for sucking. Also go for the square fork, I found it made tricks a lot easier. As did a 20" wheel, unless you plan to go long distances, I think the smaller wheels are more fun.

Reccomendations for beginners. Buy an extra tire tube, partially inflate it, and tape it to the top of your seat. This $5 suspension is really cuts down on soreness and makes riding long distances and bumps more pleasant. :) If you have money to burn, the myata air conversion is still the most comfortable seat. The Kris Holm seat is also nice and half the price.

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