design portfolio Zia Sobhani - mechanical engineer
HERO 1 restoration of a Heathkit HERO 1 robot, judge's choice awardee in 2004 CMU Mobot competition
bunny bot bunny shaped autonomous navigating robot, complete with lifting paws and an inquisitive ear, top finisher and poster child for 6.186 robot competition
niveus a remote controlled snowblower designed for MIT's 2.009 senior product design class
inverted pendulum my approaches, theoretical and applied, to this classic controls problem
MIT solar car 3 years building, testing and racing solar powered cars, 1st place in class in 1999 World Solar Challenge race across the Australian outback
2.007 MIT sophomore robotics competition robot, placed 9th with the only robot powerful enough to fling hockey pucks clear off the table
resume and contact info [pdf]